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Senior School (Classes IX & XII)

Senior school is a very crucial time when the children have to choose a further course of studies based on their talents, interest and potentials. And at this very time, proper guidance and counseling is very essential prerequisite, to be done by teachers and school and equally important by the parents as well.

We, at Tilak public school, start guiding and counseling the children as they enter class IX, regarding their subject preferences, competitive exams to be faced, scope of a particular study, research and practical knowledge to be gained, besides pursuing their talents in co curricular areas. The students continue their activities in sports, yoga and other interest areas and talents.

School provides Science with Math, Science with Biology, Commerce with or without Math and Humanities stream with English as first main compulsory subject.

PCM - English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Elective subjects (Informatics Practices, Physical Education)

English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Elective subjects (Informatics Practices, Physical Education, Mathematics).

English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics,
Elective subjects (Informatics Practices, Physical Education, Mathematics)

English, IP/Physical Education
Elective Subjects (Hindi, Political science, Economics, Business Studies, Sociology, Psychology, History)