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    Dance is a form of human expression that has transcended the ages. It is one of the artistic skills that has always been around.
    Dancing is not merely moving to music, but in some cases involves telling a story.
    Throughout history dance has been used to bring rituals to life or as a means of celebration. This included telling stories in some ways, and that is what stuck over time.
    Modern dance looks differently than more traditional styles, but it is no less technical. Though some people marvel at what dance has turned into, many modern dance styles are technical in nature. This means that people are relying on practice to accomplish serious physical feats. Ballet and other technical dance styles are still popular in modern times as well.
    Different dance styles taught are Zumba, Rajasthani dance, aerobics, hip-hop, contemporary, and other forms of classical and folk d


    Understanding music on a fundamental level is known to impress just about any crowd. In fact, since many people are not musically savvy, musicians are even more elevated in society.
    The process involved maintaining beats and matching the energy of a ceremony. Over time, this transitioned into playing other types of instruments. The type of instruments played tend to vary from one location to the next, but some gained notoriety. This allowed them to spread globally.
    Now, music has transitioned to include many different varieties when it comes to methodology. People still play instruments that have been around for ages. The quality and physical changes in these instruments varies greatly depending on intent.


    Drama is a fine art that has a long and interesting history. This method of expression involves many different steps. On one hand, there is the playwright who actually writes the script responsible for bringing the story to life.
    On the other hand, there are actors responsible for physically bringing the story to life on stage. In modern theater, the list of those involved is even more extensive. Drama has spread to include many amazing forms of artistic expression.